An alternative to traditional tutoring in the centre of Pontefract

24 July 2018

Young Minds Matter study-centre which Opened in October 2017 is the creation of Katharine Young and Maggi Addison–Hewitt.

Situated in central Pontefract, the centre offers effective learning experiences using all the best practice used in schools to provide personalised learning to meet the needs of an individual student. Working closely with a child or small groups allows tutors to get to know each student and how to best to support them.

The informal setting offers an alternative to traditional tutoring. Students learn via a range of multi-sensory approaches based on their specific stage of development within a subject.

The Study Centre specialises in delivering the core subjects throughout the school years but also offer support in other curriculum areas. Quality support is offered to individuals who may have learning differences, such as Dyslexia and Autism or those students who are considered to be more-able and talented. Students not only benefit from personalised learning planned, prepared and delivered by suitably qualified staff, but also from teachers with recent experience of GCSE examinations and SATs

A variety of support programmes that include English as an additional language and functional skills are also available to adult learners

Holiday Den Workshops are offered as full or half days in the school holidays. These include art, forensic science, handicrafts such as knitting and sewing and cookery with subjects such as photography, child yoga and coding being future possibilities. The Saturday cookery club runs on a fortnightly basis. Each block of sessions has a theme, such as our recent ‘Afternoon Tea’, and focuses on developing a growing repertoire of culinary skills and dishes.

The long-term plan is to be able to offer as wide a range of learning opportunities as possible to students of all ages, in subjects beyond the school curriculum.

For further details contact the team on 01977 703702, or via the website

Left to right, Katharine Young and Maggi Addison