Ice products manufacturer secures cool £4.5m investment The Ice Co in South Kirkby has bought the new equipment, which will produce 300,000 ice cubes per hour, with the help of a £2m revolving credit facility and £1.2m asset finance facility from Lloyds Bank.more


Wakefield first is a public and private sector led strategic organisation responsible for attracting inward investment, supporting trade, and raising the profile of the Wakefield district. Our predominant motivations are sustainable economic growth, job creation and promotion of the Wakefield district as a vibrant, dynamic and competitive region with global aspirations.

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Wakefield Business Conference Wednesday October 3rd 2018, part of the Wakefield First Business Week
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DIGITAL INNOVATION IN THE WORKPLACE WITH NGC NETWORKS WAKEFIELDIn just two years, artificial intelligence (AI) will create more …
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Sir Rodney Walker appointed Chairman of The Yorkshire SocietyA Yorkshireman through and through, Sir Rodney Walker, born in …
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CASTLEFORD CURTAIN MAKERS HAVE SUCCESS ALL SEWN UPNationwide Curtain Makers – recipients of a sizeable grant from ERDF …
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