New Director appointed to the board at Wakefield BID

22 November 2017

Wakefield BID has appointed Debenhams Store Manager Andy Gooder to its Board of Directors.

Andy joined Debenham’s nearly four years ago to manage its shop in Trinity Walk, Wakefield’s first modern department store. He has extensive experience in retail having worked as a store manager for 21 years for Homebase, Somerfield and Woolworths.

“I started out in retail as a Christmas temp at Woolworths and worked my way up over four years to store manager,” said Andy. “I have been based in Wakefield three times over an 18-year span and have seen the community evolve considerably over that time. The city centre I walked into when I joined Debenhams was completely different to when I first came here.”

Wakefield BID was launched earlier this year with the aim of making the city a great place to do business and give the local economy a boost. Andy said he was keen to get involved with the BID because he is passionate about Wakefield.

“The city has so much to offer and be proud of. As businesses it is key that we not only do all we can to promote Wakefield but join forces under one vision to make it even better and that is what the BID aims to do,” he explained.

“Debenhams may be a large national retailer but it is as much in our interest as in that of smaller independent businesses that Wakefield has a vibrant thriving city centre. By working hand in hand, national chains and independents, we can achieve that.”

Andy said he was delighted to be joined the BID Board. “As well as bringing my retail experience and the facilities that the store has to offer for holding wider community events to the Board table, I hope I also contribute energy and excitement. I’m looking forward to pushing ahead and making Wakefield a better place to live and work.”