Made in Yorkshire opens up route to policy makers for business

24 April 2017

MADE in Yorkshire has set up a lobbying arm to provide a direct route between manufacturers and national policy makers to ensure business in the region has a voice and influence.

Already the Council has made links with the All Party Parliamentary Committee for Manufacturing and is working to forge links with other strategic policy makers and advisors to feed members views directly onto leading agendas.

The Council has established an agreement with the APMG which will give manufacturers a direct access to address policy makers on issues such as Industrial Strategy and the future of Manufacturing 4:0 to make a direct change.

Made in Yorkshire director, Chrissie Gale said that following news of the snap general election in June there had never been a more important time for manufacturers’ voices to be heard.

“We knew there was an appetite to maintain manufacturing front of mind for decision makers beyond our annual Manufactured Yorkshire Conference,” she said.

“The Council is the latest development and in addition to membership gives business real power.   We will regularly identify our own agenda for policy and then ensure that we make that voice heard in Yorkshire but specifically in Westminster where positive change can be made.

“It won’t be a talking shop but an open and frank forum where members can make sure they are being properly heard and represented. 

“Already we have identified areas of concern such as skills gaps, education and supply chains.  Importantly, the Council and the members are keen to be pro active and tackle these issues.

“Manufactured Yorkshire has been a lightning rod that gave manufacturers a forum to share ideas, challenges and showcase success in management.  We realised after last year’s conference that manufacturers were hungry for year-round involvement.

“Networking and events have provided some with the chance to learn and share best practice during high profile factory visits that they have been able to make amongst manufacturing peers, but the message we got was that they wanted influence at the top tables so they could impact decisions which ultimately they would have to implement and live with.

John Pendleton MD, of Rosti Automotive based in Pickering and President of Made in Yorkshire said: “As a Yorkshire manufacturer I believe it is very important look to the future and be clear about what we need to secure growth and sustain manufacturing in the region. To do this we need ensure we have a voice and coordinated approach to what is required; through by being a member of Made in Yorkshire I believe it offers us the vehicle to achieve this”.

Chrissie Gale added: “Going back to grassroots we are introducing the Young Inventors Award to identify the top talent in the early stages and nurture it.  Similarly we want to become involved in the STEM initiative so that manufacturing is front and centre for young people when they choose careers.

“The Young Inventor Award will be a fantastic initiative for us to showcase the brilliant work of the young manufacturers and engineers in the Yorkshire region. It will also provide the opportunity for our members to create new relationships with the local schools and colleges.”