New Wakefield Business is working to Reduce Health Risks across the UK

01 November 2016

Did you know that Radon Gas is the second largest cause of lung cancer?  It’s a statutory requirement that companies make sure that they have carried out the appropriate risk assessments on their properties for Radon.

Family run business Radon Action established 10 months ago with the support from Wakefield Councils Business Support Team. Radon Action has now won national contracts with large companies such as, Magnet Group and City Electrical Factors. Radon Action is working country wide to prevent future health implications caused by Radon gas to their staff.

Simon James, Owner Radon Action said:

’Radon gets inside buildings through a natural processes entering the property through cracks and gaps in the floor and walls. Over time, indoor radon levels can become excessive and harmful if it’s unable to escape and disperse.

Under current health and safety law, all businesses and organisations have a legal obligation to complete a radon risk assessment if they are located in a designated radon affected area or have an occupied basement.  There are many areas of Wakefield and wider parts of Yorkshire that are classed as radon affected areas.’’

Simon explained:

"Although the risks from high levels of radon are significant it's important to say that most properties will have levels that are well below the legal limits despite being inside a radon affected area and usually only a very small percentage of properties will have high levels.  The problem though is that there is no way of knowing the risk unless you complete a risk assessment"

As more companies are recognising the value of carrying out these risk assessments to stop problems before they start Radon Action are getting busier. Being the only Business in Yorkshire providing this service there is a growing demand for Radon Actions Services.

‘’As the business grows we will be looking to potentially buy larger premises in Wakefield and recruit more local staff’’

If you would like to know more about Radon Gas and what precautions are to be made as a business then go to..   


Feature by Chelsey Pitwell, Wakefield first