Navigation Pub Fights Back The Flood with Help of Grant Funding

18 August 2016

During the Christmas Floods that swept across the region the Navigation Pub was one of the many businesses affected.
After being flooded twice in the space of a fortnight, The Broad Cut Road alehouse, which is based near the River Calder and the Calder and Hebble Canal, had to close after it was hit by Storm Desmond on December 11. Then Storm Eva brought more misery on Boxing Day.

Seeking Support fom the Local Authority  Wakefield Council’s Business Growth Manager  was able to support them in recieving grant funding to repair the damage and bring restoration to the Navigation Pub.

 Pat Coffey, Wakefield Councils Business Growth Manager said;

‘’When I saw the damage that had been caused to the Navigation and also local businesses from the flooding it was important that the Wakefield Council was able to make a contribution to help getting the broadcut road businesses up and running as soon as possible.

Samantha at the Navigation has worked tirelessly to get the Inn up and running again we have been proud to be part of that process.’’

Samantha Hall added;

“The journey we have been on has been anything but plain sailing. We were totally devastated at the damage caused by the floods and at the time it was hard to see a positive future for the pub. Seven months on though, and with a lot of hard work from the team at Punch and here at the pub itself, it is looking better than ever.

“We had so much local support when the floods hit and everyone has been very patient while works have been undertaken to ensure the pub looks its very best before we re-open. I would like to thank them whole-heartedly for all they have done.”

Now after seven months of painstaking restoration work by staff and pub operator Punch, pints will be pulled there once more.