Homebuilder Pays Homage with Coal Mining Museum

17 December 2015

With five active home schemes on former collieries, housing and regeneration specialist, Keepmoat has teamed up with the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield to launch the Miner Memorial Gardens and pay tribute to those who worked in the coal industry.

Keepmoat donated £1,000 to the museum to support with the Memorial Garden, which is designed as a place for quiet contemplation and reflection, allowing visitors to share their memories of what coal mining has meant to them, their families and the local area over many generations.

A steel screen art installation holds these memories at the heart of the garden, creating a stained glass Window effect, and people are invited to take their place in history by donating a personalised glass disc to the Museum. Keepmoat donated five glass discs to honour the collieries at Frickley, Fitzwilliam, Allerton Bywater, Bentley and Edlington; where the company is currently building new homes.

Mark Knight, regional managing director for Keepmoat in Yorkshire took his family to the event and describes why the partnership with the Museum means something to him personally.  He said:

“My grandfather was a local miner and I am incredibly proud of that heritage. 

“We see those five donated discs for the ‘Lives Lived, Lives Lost’ sculpture, as a very fitting way of acknowledging the history of the former collieries in West and South Yorkshire, where we are now delivering housing and regeneration schemes.”

Sharon Batty, Development Officer at the Museum describes how she’s pleased to be working with Keepmoat.  She said:

“This is the first step in what I hope will become a long term partnership.  Together we can create a lasting legacy for the coal mining communities of England.”