Guide Dot You Brings Change with Wakefield Business Support Programme

03 March 2015

After a long Civil Service career, Phil Parramore wanted to use his skills and experience to move in a new direction.

Helped by Jobcentre Plus, Phil was able to identify a potential route into self-employment and, supported by the New Enterprise Programme, start-up Guide Dot You Change Solutions, a business support service that helps people and organisations build their skills and improve their performance.

During start-up Phil became aware of the Wakefield Business Support Programme, which helped give him the confidence and necessary support to build and grow the business.

18 months later the business continues to grow, partnering with associates and current business studies and theological students, to research, develop and deliver innovative services for start-up, survival and growth.

Speaking about the support given from the WBSP Phil said:

“The Programme has supported me every step of the way.  In ways that matter, and mean anyone with an idea they truly believe in, with drive and determination can embark on the journey to success.  Foundations are paramount, including the need for business planning, marketing, administration, strategy and budgeting.  With the support and mentoring I received from my WBSP advisor, I was expertly advised in all these vital areas.”

Phil now uses his experience as a mentor, Policy Manager and Project Management Practitioner to deliver Health Checks, Business Planning tools and skills workshops for managers that support staff induction, project management and other leadership development.  All solutions support and enable better workforce and organisational performance, by delivering and embedding change.  Subject to eligibility, some clients may be eligible for part or fully funded services.

Customers and potential clients can be kept up to date through the website, the GuideDotYou blog, Twitter, a new Facebook discussion group, and a quarterly e-newsletter.

Phil is also location leader for a business networking group, using the confidence built from the Programme, and which provides extensive opportunities to network with others and raise awareness of his own business services, which is critical to success.

WBSP provides eligible businesses with the guarantee of a dedicated Business Advisor and a bespoke service that can provide assistance with a business plan, assist with applying for grants and maintain an ongoing relationship that can help new starts to grow and succeed.

Without the Programme Phil believes his journey from traditional employment to starting his own successful business would have been much harder.

“I have always had the passion and self-belief that I could become self-employed.  But the signposting to relevant training, speaking opportunities, good people to speak to and other guidance provided by the programme has been excellent and exemplary.”

The WBSP also invited GuideDotYou to attend the Castleford Enterprise Show as an exhibitor, giving Phil the opportunity to work with other businesses who were supported through the programme and to provide advice to people also considering start-up businesses and who were looking for support.

“We want to do as much as possible to support people who are experiencing circumstances that I was in just 18 months ago. We have designed Start Your Business Essentials to help simplify the process for new start-ups, by putting a range of support and practical services in one place.

“But had it not been for the sustained advice and guidance from Wakefield Business Support Programme, I don’t believe we would have made it to this exciting stage in our development.”

For more information on how to access support from the Wakefield Business Support Programme contact or call 01924 306008 or click here