Creative Kickstart thrilled to announce the first workshop will be held in Wakefield

15 July 2019

The Creative Industries Council (CIC) and the Creative Industries Federation (CIF) have partnered up to create the Creative Kickstart Programme. Creative Kickstart is a new programme providing support, mentoring and advice to hundreds of creative companies that are looking to grow. The programme has been generated from the historic creative industries sector deal.

CIF is the membership body which represents champions and supports the UK’s creative industries. They celebrate and support the work of members through UK-wide events and bring them together to enable valuable connections and collaborations that generate new ideas and encourage artistic and commercial success.

CIC is a joint forum between the creative industries and the government. Council members are leading figureheads that are brought together from across the creative and digital industries including TV, computer games, fashion, music, arts, publishing and film.

Creative Kickstart are delighted to announce the first workshop will be held in Wakefield on Wednesday 4th September 2019. Wakefield Council has supported Creative Kickstart to be brought to the city as part of the commitment to investing in Wakefield’s thriving creative industries. Around 60 creative enterprises from across Wakefield and the surrounding regions will attend and hear from experts and experienced business-leaders on how to value their creative assets. Also discussed will be how to develop a strong business plan and getting access to the right finance.

The workshop is invitation only however if you are a creative business in Wakefield or surrounding areas and would like to attend, you can express your interest to .