ICW supply discreet windows for critical sector industry

04 December 2018

ICW supply discreet windows for critical sector industry

YORKSHIRE based specialist window manufacturer, ICW (UK)Ltd has won a contract to supply switchable windows to a defence company.

The windows are part of an upgrade to the company’s Research & Development laboratories and add a layer of confidentiality to their business.

Operating in the security sensitive aviation defence field the company wanted to be able to show international customers round their UK laboratories, while retaining their security credentials and R&D integrity.

They commissioned ICW (UK)Ltd to make metre square double-glazed windows which are opaque or transparent at the flick of a switch.

Stephen Chapman, MD of ICW (UK)Ltd explained: “The customer develops aviation defence solutions.  There are times when they allow visitors into certain areas but need to retain the security integrity of some areas.   Switchable windows allow them to demonstrate products, the quality and capability of their research laboratories without compromising that R&D privacy.

“Because of the kind of work they do they also needed the windows to be fire rated to BSI standard, which ICW (UK)Ltd is able to do as part of our service.

“When the security level is not needed customers are able to make it transparent to add natural light into their buildings, yet they have the confidence they can quickly close off high level security areas.  It is versatile, quick and safe.

“Switchable glass is very niche because of the costs involved, yet in many manufacturing sectors it is highly desirable.  It is also popular with medical and university research centres.”

Margaret Wood MBE added: ‘In an era of mass production and volume manufacturing SMEs like ICW(UK) Ltd can add real value to bespoke projects through high quality design.”