How a Global IT Business Selected Normanton and Is Now Embracing the Bigger Local Picture

Acxiom IT has grown into an independent operating division from within the Acxiom Corporation. Acxiom Inc is renowned as one of the largest data analytics companies in the world serving some of the largest and best known businesses and brands. Acxiom provides the data and technology that has transformed global marketing – giving their clients the power to successfully manage audiences, personalise customer experiences and create profitable customer relationships.

In 2004 Acxiom strategically selected Normanton in West Yorkshire to house their main UK Data Centre facility, well away from the risks and bright lights of London.

Through high security perimeter gates, doors and harshly lit white rooms, the corridors of the their Data Centre resemble something from the Men in Black movie and the film set appearance might well be appropriate given some of their global customers.

Based on Don Pedro Avenue, the technology firm’s rows of circuit boards represent a local investment that exceeds $30million and is an example of how this company has the passion to become a Yorkshire based world class IT Services organisation that provides Data centre, Cloud and Managed Services.

Just last month, Acxiom IT won a circa 1m million contract to deliver Data Centre hosting and related Services from Normanton to a world famous software & systems integrator (who must remain nameless for security reasons) and this client has expressed interest in other services including Workplace Recovery, Disaster Recovery and Remote Systems Management too. Clearly their “bigger local” picture appears to be resonating nicely.

Lester Pulsford, International CIO at Acxiom IT said:

When we first established ourselves in the UK, developing an IT platform for our Data Analytics business was the main priority. Today our global IT Outsourcing business employs 1000+ people and manages over 24,000 servers, 10,000 databases, 10 petabytes of data, 35,000 Mainframe MIPS and lays claim to owning the world’s largest grid processing environment, BIG DATA, I know… We continue to grow into multiple locations including France, Germany, Poland, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the USA with others currently in development.”

“At Acxiom we understand the challenges that leaders encounter relating to attracting, retaining and stimulating the best people plus keeping IT infrastructures and Data Centres current, secure and available 24/7/365. It’s fair to say that with enough investment in both people and environments, some businesses keep IT in-house and get it right. However, there are many that struggle to justify the on-going expenditures needed to run their own operations. Acxiom IT have helped organisations reduce IT running costs by up to 50% on previous occasions and have a capability that is commercially compelling”.

“It’s interesting times, businesses are taking the brakes off IT projects as confidence returns at pace. Most now consider Cloud as a strategic & highly viable option but continue to have reservations around data security i.e. will my Data end up overseas, who will have access to it and overall, what are the risks to my business? The fact that Acxiom host their Cloud and Data in Normanton, West Yorkshire is proving to be of significant interest and almost a relief to prospective clients who perceive large providers such as AWS or Microsoft (Azure) as anonymous and faceless. Given clients can visit us, get to know our team of experts and physically see where their data resides, gives most the assurance needed to move forward”.

To demonstrate the capabilities of Acxiom and other local digital businesses Acxiom are hosting an event at their Normanton site on November 6th. Local business leaders are invited to come and meet the team of local experts.

Andrew Pinnington, Head of European Sales at Acxiom IT says of the event:

''I’d like to ask each local business leader two questions:

Can you do more to relocate annual IT service related spend and ongoing investment back into our community?
How Yorkshire are you?

As local residents, we want to see more Yorkshire businesses benefit from the capabilities and expertise we have built over the years. What we bring to the table is a lot of experience of securely managing business data. From consultancy, co-location, managed services, private and hybrid cloud – we offer serious value right on the doorstep.”

Andrew goes on to say:

Investment in people is of the utmost importance, our intention is to offer work placement and apprenticeship opportunities from Normanton by 2015 and we’ve already started to engage with educational establishments, council representatives and regional development bodies like Cognitiv to accelerate this goal.

Our investment in the White Rose Technology Centre has reaped its rewards so far and we’re keen to invest more - we’ve built something to be proud of here.”

November Event in Normanton, Thursday 6th

Acxiom IT will be hosting an event in association with Cognitiv – Promoting creative, Digital & IT in Wakefield.

Places are limited so early registration is encouraged at

Enquiries are welcome
T: 0113 301 4848