Wakefield Kirkgate

Following successful regeneration activity on the Waterfront, Merchant Gate and Trinity Walk, attention is now focussing on Kirkgate to create an accessible quarter of the city centre with good links to the heart of the retail area and to the Waterfront.

Work is underway to identify property and landowners within the area and address the highways network and improvements that can be made to create safe and accessible pedestrian links, improved public transport access and encourage greater use of Wakefield Kirkgate Railway Station.

The following work has been carried out in the area to date:

- Sun Lane Leisure - a new health and fitness centre for residents and visitors opened in 2012
- The demolition of Crown House
- The restoration of Wakefield Kirkgate Railway Station began in August 2013

Please click here for the Wakefield Kirkgate Masterplan

For further information please contact majorprojects@wakefield.gov.uk