The People Enabling Area Transformation (PEAT) Project is a Community Led Local Development (CLLD) Programme.  The PEAT project is part financed by European Structural Investment Funds. CLLD programmes are driven by local needs, helping support people to tackle their barriers to work, mobilising resources at a local level in a bid to overcome barriers to growth and employment. The main result is getting more participants into sustainable employment or self-employment, education, training or actively engaged in job search.

The PEAT project is still in the set up phase so there is only limited information available through the web page at the moment.  However more information will be added over the coming weeks and throughout the project lifetime.  This page will be a useful resource for project applicants and will contain project news and information on events and funding calls once further details are available. 

A project newsletter giving more information on the PEAT project was released in April 2018 and can be viewed via the link below.


We are currently recruiting for vacancies on the project Local Action Group.  Further information is given in the newsletter, application pack and application form.  The closing dates for Local Action Group applications is Friday 18th May.



Liz West
CLLD Programme Manager
Wakefield Council