Skills & Training

A key objective for the economic regeneration of the District is to improve the skills base within the local economy. This will help ensure long term, high value added development. It also helps combat social exclusion and disadvantage.

Exam and test results in the District continue to improve. This is the cornerstone to better participation in further and higher education and training. The continuing upward trends in education and training results reflect local education and training providers working together to promote and deliver change.

Local providers have also ensured opportunities for adults are more accessible and attractive. It is clear that learners are responding, and that the skill and qualification base of the District is being strengthened.

Through partnership local educators are promoting a culture of Lifelong Learning, which will:

• Encourage continuous improvement towards a higher quality of experience, provision and achievement
• Provide accessible and inclusive provision for all, particularly through the use of new technology
• Raise aspirations

Raising expectations starts early. Locally there is clear commitment to, and provision of good quality early education and childcare. Providing children with a good start in their learning is extremely important and it supports parents to work or continue with their own education. Early Years support is far advanced in the implementation of the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership plans.  These plans enhance an already well-developed early education, play and care provision for all young people.

A range of public and private providers are actively and successfully encouraging adult learners' participation in training and skills development. These providers are working in partnership with existing and new employers to ensure that the skills and knowledge required in the workforce are available.

However, changes in policy related to learning, skills and employment will see changes in the future, such as the introduction of Raising Participation Age (RPA) and student loans for learners means that the Wakefield Enterprise Partnership will have an increasing role in ensuring that citizens have the skills to support local economic needs and growth of the business community.