Wakefield Responsible Landlords Scheme

The Wakefield Responsible Landlords Scheme is a new and better way of engaging private landlords and was launched in January 2010. It was developed with local landlords and has the full support of the National Landlords Association and the Residential Landlords Association. The Scheme has been very well received by all good landlords and since the launch three years ago one hundred and sixty five landlords have been accredited and nearly three thousand properties. The Scheme is advertised in libraries, community centres and in other Council buildings and tenants are encouraged to choose an accredited landlord when looking for a private rented home.

The scheme:
• Improves and promotes privately rented housing conditions
• Promotes good practice in the private rented sector
• Ensures that responsible landlords are renting approved properties
• Provides tenants with confidence when searching for a property to rent
• Improves working relations between landlords and Wakefield Council

The Scheme is voluntary and is free to apply and join. Landlords must pass a test of competence and this is very similar to the criteria for mandatory licensing of high risk bedsits and flats. The Council runs landlord training days, the next of which is in April 2013. The property standards are then rated on a three, four and five star rating depending on the condition and facilities offered.  All properties must comply with at least the three star standards.

For more information please contact Stephen Chippindale in the Strategic Housing team on 01924 306665