Civic Quarter, Wakefield
Aerial Image of Wakefield City Centre

Regenerating the Wakefield District

An array of regeneration has taken place throughout the district over the last few years and it continues to attract major investment.

Regeneration has already begun on the Civic Quarter, with Coronation Gardens further enhancing the elegance of this historical area. The next phase of regeneration involves Wakefield Council acquiring key buildings such as Wood Street Police Station. Plans aim to regenerate the area whilst preserving its architectural and historical character.

The southern gateway to the city has seen significant investment in recent years. Wakefield Waterfront, on the banks of the River Calder, has been revitalsied and offers fantastic residential and office space in a picturesque setting. The next phase of regeneration in this part of the city will see the Victorian Rutland Mills complex transformed into mixed-use property.

After the completion of the new state-of-the art Wakefield Westgate Railway Station, the historic Wakefield Kirkgate Railway Station is now being focussed on. Restoration work will create an attractive entrance to the southern gateway. Plans are also underway to redevelop the whole Wakefield Kirkgate area.