YORtender is a procurement portal for the Yorkshire & Humber Region which gives suppliers immediate access to current contract opportunities.

Registration is free of charge. Once you are registered as a supplier your details will be available to view by all participating Local Authorities/Public Sector bodies within the Yorkshire and Humber Region. Buying organisations can use this data to source suppliers for tender opportunities.

YORtender allows buying organisations to publish tender opportunities online for suppliers and organisations to view and participate in electronically.

Please visit for more information and to register.

Keep It Local

Play your part in the economic prosperity of the local area and keep money in the Wakefield district. If you are looking for a local supplier, get in contact at or 01924 306320. We will then conduct a search on YORtender and provide you with a list of local companies that match your criteria. Make sure you can be found in these searches by registering on YORtender now!

Top Tips for Tenderers

Wakefield Council's Procurement team has outlined some key tips for filling out tenders, whether it be on YORtender or other systems:

1. Read the tenders – Make sure you full understand the specification and don’t assume anything in the documents or that the evaluators know anything about the proposed system
2. Provide the information requested – Answer the questions asked, be clear and concise, be competitive in your price AND sustainable and don’t use jargon – write to the uneducated reader
3. Don’t send publicity materials – Ensure that you are writing to bid for the specific contract rather than including your standard blurb
4. Make it easy to evaluate – Cross reference responses so it is easy to read  and follow the evaluation model
5. Ask for a de-brief – If unsuccessful or successful, ask for a de-brief so you can improve for next time

Working with Wakefield Programme

Suppliers submitting bids are invited to participate in the Working with Wakefield programme, whereby suppliers can offer a rebate to be paid early.

The benefits of this to Wakefield Council’s suppliers are:

  • Improved cash flow through early payment of their invoices by Wakefield;
  • Increased efficiency of invoice processing via a dedicated mailbox;
  • Prioritised invoice processing and query resolution;
  • Nominated commercial managers for enhanced channels of communication; and
  • Reduced time spent on transactional processing and query handling, to free up time and resource for service improvement

For further detail on the Working with Wakefield programme please see link to the microsite –