We are aware that businesses are finding Brexit scenario planning a difficult exercise as so much remains unknown, there are steps businesses can be taking now to help understand the scenarios they should be planning for and how to prepare accordingly.

Of course there are many known unknowns, given the unprecedented event that Brexit entails.

We have put together guidance below which may be helpful for business planning with a list of the areas companies should be checking over in mapping out their potential exposure and a set of steps they should consider taking to maximise their preparedness.


For companies across the United Kingdom, the ultimate test of any Brexit deal is whether it delivers clear answers to the practical, real-world questions businesses face. Firms of every size and

sector need clarity in order to take decisions, invest and prepare for the future. As HM Government negotiates a future partnership between the UK and the EU, the British Chambers of

Commerce is assessing progress on 24 business-critical issues. Following the publication of UK government contingency planning, and as negotiations continue, we find that 15 issues remain ‘red’, 7 ‘amber’ and 2 ‘green’.

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The UK's departure from the EU is one of the biggest economic changes in a generation.

The Chamber Network is focused on the practicalities of Brexit for business communities across the UK. Since the referendum, the Chamber of Commerce Network has been working, together with members, to identify areas where companies have concerns and calling for government to answer those practical and pragmatic questions.

We believe that there's power in working together. As the UK approaches its departure from the EU, its crucial that businesses are doing all they can to prepare for the future so we've compiled resources to help firms plan for change.

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HM Revenue and Customs simplifies importing from the EU as part of 'no deal' preparation...

HMRC announces Transitional Simplified Procedures for customs, should we leave the EU without a deal, by

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has written to 145,000 VAT-registered businesses trading with the EU about simplified importing procedures and also updated them on the actions that they need to take to prepare.

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