Wintersett, Wakefield
Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Wakefield district is located in the heart of the UK only 16 km from Leeds and 67 km from Manchester. The district’s central city is Wakefield with a population of around 325,000 people, and over 1.37 million people within 30 minutes’ travel. 

Wakefield district is one of the most accessible places in the UK. Three of the country’s main road networks meet just outside the city, as well as a main train line to London. We link East to West and North to South, as well as being on the West-European Economic Corridor linking us directly to the continent by air and sea. In fact our region is so well connected the Chinese Olympic team used Wakefield as its base for the London 2012 games. You can see the accessibility of Wakefield from our map of the district.

Wakefield Council is committed to regenerating the district to help drive further investment and help business prosper in the area. You can take a look at the regeneration which has already taken place as well as upcoming regeneration projects.

The Council is also focusing on increasing the supply of new homes across the district, to meet the growth in household numbers and housing need. This growth is essential in order to meet the demand.