Education in Wakefield district
Education in Wakefield


The spirit of Wakefield residents is what makes the district special. To learn more about education in the area take a look at our Summary of Schools or if you want find out about further education in the district visit our pages dedicated to Wakefield College and Learning for Adults. Links with Business provides information on how education can collaborate with business.

Wakefield Council has been at the forefront of supporting apprenticeships. If you are interested in hiring an apprentice we can provide you information on grants and funding that are available to you.

If you are looking for training for either yourself or your workforce, or are interested in the support that is available we have a series of useful links.

Finally in our People section, you can get to know the board members of the Wakefield Enterprise Partnership. The WEP Board Members are committed to providing strategic leadership and coordination to the economic development of the Wakefield district.