PTSG Scales Drax's 850-Foot Chimney

09 August 2017

Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) has been contracted to carry out a series of challenging high-level works for Drax power station in North Yorkshire.
Drax is the largest power station in the country, responsible for meeting 7% of the UK’s electricity demand. When it was built, the reinforced concrete chimney was the largest industrial chimney in the world, and is still the tallest in the UK.
The amount of work involved in these contracts will see PTSG’s team of skilled steeplejacks fully occupied on shutdown projects from August to September. One such project requires a 10-man team to take possession of the site’s main boiler house chimney, which stands at 850 feet tall.
Early works have involved close inspection of caps to the chimney’s flue terminations by erecting specialist scaffolding. This has allowed the team to install specially designed support brackets to provide additional restraint to the titanium caps and lining.
The group was also successful in a rigorous and competitive tendering procedure that has resulted in being awarded the contract to carry out external concrete repairs to one of the 375-foot cooling towers on the site.
The specialist steeplejack division will use equipment that has been made bespoke for this contract to carry out reinforced concrete repairs to the external shell to the specification of the site engineers. 
PTSG has carried out similar repair work to Drax’s chimneys in the past, and secured these further works thanks to its team’s ability to work to extremely tight timescales without compromising quality or safety.