From South Africa to Wakefield, the move that put Pink Spaghetti PA Services on the Wakefield map!

19 October 2021

Pink Spaghetti PA Services is a nationwide franchise that provides top quality virtual assistant services to a range of businesses and professionals across the UK.  Pink Spaghetti’s network of franchisees are experts at getting tasks done fast and right the first time!

They offer business owners, who feel like they never reach the end of their to-do lists, a 25th hour in the day.  By sharing the workload with a Pink Spaghetti virtual assistant, business owners can get back in control of their business and this allows them to focus on working ON their business instead of just IN it. 

Joanne Jones is Pink Spaghetti’s first franchisee in the West Yorkshire region, having launched her virtual assistant business for Wakefield and Pontefract on the 17th of May.  Joanne, who is South African born and bred, has a wealth of experience under her belt, having spent more than 20 years in the corporate financial services world.  With her most recent corporate role heading up a retail insurance division, Joanne has  extensive knowledge and experience in sales and marketing, client management, project management and much more – all key elements that small businesses need to be successful.

Joanne is new to the UK and Wakefield is the place that she is proud to call home! Her exciting move came about back in 2019 when her husband was offered a fantastic career opportunity in Doncaster which they couldn’t turn down.  He moved over in December 2019 and a year later, Joanne and her daughter made the exciting jump over to join him.

A few months after arriving here, Joanne made the decision that she no longer wanted to go back into the corporate world and, after spending some time figuring out what she wanted to do, she came across the driving force that is Pink Spaghetti PA Services.  This sounded like something she could definitely put her mind to!

After doing some research Joanne got in touch with the AD:VENTURE Team at Wakefield Council for support with starting up her new business venture and, with the right advice and support, a defined strategy and business model was put in place to kick-start her business start-up journey.

Joanne commented “My start-up journey was tough at first, as I was new to the Wakefield business community, however, after reaching out to Wakefield Council’s Business Support Team and networking I was welcomed and supported in such a positive light”.

“Wakefield is a very active business community that welcomed me with open arms and the support from the Wakefield Council AD:VENTURE team has been outstanding and made my start up journey much easier”.

“I encourage anyone looking to start up their own business or who is struggling to start up their own business to get in touch with the team as they will be an invaluable source of support and growth on your business journey”.

Joanne’s journey so far has been extremely positive, having already attracted a range of clients from the district.  Joanne is keen to grow her portfolio and support more local business owners by taking care of the tasks that they don’t have time to do, know how to do, or simply don’t want to do! 

Joanne has a passion for client service and nurturing rewarding business relationships, and she prides herself being on super organised and efficient.,

Pink Spaghetti Pontefract & Wakefield has hit the ground running and Joanne is already setting her sights on the future growth of the business, by looking to expand her team and client base across the district over the next few years.

If you are looking for a friendly and flexible approach or simply looking for more time to spend with your family, get in touch with Joanne today and find out the practical solutions to help you navigate your way through your business operations: