Terrorist Attack in London yesterday

23 March 2017

Terrorist Attack in London yesterday

Sent on Behalf of Neil Windle - Counter Terrorism Security Advisor, North East Counter Terrorism Unit

You will all be aware of the tragic events that took place yesterday in Westminster. This type of attack is often unpredictable, highly impactive and disruptive to all those affected by it.

You are not receiving this message today because there is any threat or any intelligence to indicate you, or your businesses are likely to be attacked. This is part of our ongoing engagement to advise and assist you.

Yesterday we saw a variation on a theme of attack we have seen in recent months in Northern Europe, notably Nice and Berlin. Attack methodology changes and will continue to do so and we must do our best to plan and prepare ourselves for all possibilities.

The threat level to the UK from International terrorism has not been raised as a result of this attack and remains at ‘SEVERE’ which means ‘An attack is highly likely’.

The message from the NECTU to you all is to, ensure you and your staff remain extra vigilant at this time. Any suspicious activity should be reported at once, via all the channels open to you including ‘999’ in an emergency and ‘0800 789 321’ which is the Anti- Terrorism Hotline Number.

Please promote last week’s national awareness campaign ‘ACT – ACTION COUNTERS TERRORISM’ amongst your staff and business

To reiterate, the message is increased vigilance  ‘ALERT NOT ALARM’,  and be reassured, there is a lot of good work going on by the police and security services, with continued help from business and the public.

Should you require further information please visit the following internet sites


· and search for NaCTSO