Manufactured Yorkshire teams up with Made in Yorkshire to provide all year round support

09 March 2017

Manufacturing remains centre stage of everyone’s mind as the economy faces unchartered water.

With the UK the world’s seventh leading manufacturer and Yorkshire a key player in the sector Manufactured Yorkshire is increasingly seen as the platform for thought leadership, knowledge transfer and best practice.

The annual one day conference returns to Elland Road on May 10 with an expanded programme offering more high profile speakers while encouraging greater participation from more business leaders to share their experience of change management, innovation and evolution.

Manufactured Yorkshire has always innovated.  This year is no exception.  Partnering with Calderdale and Kirklees Manufacturing Alliance (CKMA) a manufacturers showcase will give speakers three minutes to highlight how they have driven growth, innovation and change through their organisations.  Designed to be fast and furious it will challenge delegates and speakers to stay on message while promoting wider discussion.

Founder and the driving force behind Manufactured Yorkshire Chrissie Gale explained: “Our arena speakers are always popular offering insight and advice, yet we understand that our delegates want to maximise their time at Manufactured Yorkshire by hearing as many speakers and gaining as much information as possible.  The Showcase allows them and the speakers to discuss the main points they can pick up on later.

“Through our alliance with Made in Yorkshire we are now able to offer year-round knowledge transfer, networking and learning in our monthly events, digital newsletter and weekly updates. 

“Delegates have always come along to Manufactured Yorkshire hungry to learn and then left wanting more.  The Showcase and our year round programme offer this with our one day conference being the starting point,” she added.

Manufactured Yorkshire is free to attend for manufacturers, sponsors and buyers.  To find out more and book visit HERE