How would you save £24m million from the Council’s Budget?

07 December 2016

We are expecting to make savings of £24 million in the next financial year, on top of the £146 million savings that have been made since 2011. This is a total saving of £170m at the end of the next financial year (2017/18).

This year, more than ever we need your help to find ways to make savings and increase our income.

Please tell us what you want us to focus on by taking part in our budget consultation. By using our on-line interactive budget calculator – YouChoose, you can tell us how you would balance the Council’s budget. The YouChoose tool will keep you informed along the way about the impact of making savings in services areas. This will help give you an idea what the consequences will be.

The consultation is open until December 18. To take part please visit

Alternatively, suggestions can also be emailed to 

The results will then be used to help shape the Council’s budget strategy.