Schofields The Deli Invests in Castleford Town Centre!

17 October 2016

Originally founded in 1876, one of Yorkshire's oldest family run businesses has relocated from Castleford’s indoor market and invested in their first ever high street shop in Castleford Town centre.

R M & N Schofield (The Tripe Shop) has been in Castleford market since it opened and has looked to expand after finding it more sustainable to move the business to a larger space and change direction attracting a new market and widening its offering.

Commonly known for selling quality tripe, cooked meats, sandwiches and pies, thanks to the new expansion Nigel, Owner of Schofield’s has been able to introduce new local produce, mostly from Yorkshire, and now also offers fine cheeses, charcuterie, pasta, spices and herbs… the list goes on!

After opening on the 22nd September and adding a change in branding and redesigning the shop unit to really make it their own, Schofields The Deli are looking to grow even bigger. Keeping loyal customers from the market and attracting new ones, the Deli is busy and buzzing with new opportunities.

Nigel Schofield, Owner of The Deli commented:

‘’It was a sad day to leave Castleford market but this investment means so much to the family and the future of this business and I’m looking forward to what’s to come.’’

You can find Schofields The Deli, at 73A Carlton Street, Castleford 



Feature by Chelsey Pitwell, Wakefield first.