Wakefield Bondholder First Friday BIGGEST Event Yet!

11 October 2016

You’ll probably already know about First Fridays, and Bondholders like to get out and about across the district for these fab networking events.

This October we were given the fantastic opportunity to hold first Friday at Production Park in South Kirkby.

The Wakefield Bondholders welcomed almost 100 delegates to this event, which has been recorded as the biggest yet. Taking place in Studio 3 at LS Live, the venue was the perfect place to encourage creative and informal networking. A lot of connections were made from the start, and let’s face it, what better way than standing in the ‘small’ unit space in which their idols may have once stood!

 The event kicked off with Bondholder Chair Adrian Spawforth, encouraging us to consider what makes Wakefield District a destination to Visit, Live and Invest? To succeed we must get the fundamentals right!  Maximising our offer including land, infrastructure, skills and business are crucial to make us grow as a district, both culturally and economically. Adrian brought us up to date with Bondholders plans for Mipin 2016 and that member numbers are growing to a fantastic 111.

We were delighted to hear from Lee Brooks, Co-Founder of Production Park, who gave us an insightful overview of this warm and welcoming family run business. Clearly very passionate about being in the district, Lee told us the story of LS live and how they got LS live into action, the vision for Production Park and what really goes in in South Kirkby 'under the radar'! In Lee’s words, they are building “a community for creativity” and doing a very good job of it! Impressively, we also learned there is only one other place in the WORLD the stars can got to for a one stop tour production offer, and that’s in Pennsylvania, America. Production Park is also better…of course!

It was highlighted that the live events industry has a high demand for skilled staff and many young people aren’t aware of this and that most universities and colleges overlook the industry as a career path. Because of this LS live brought Backstage Academy to life, a university centre in south Kirkby training young people in all the different types of trades in the industry helping them to get into a highly paid and demanding  career, and raising skills and aspirations in the district… Where do we sign up!!? #maturestudent?

As if that wasn’t enough delegates were then treat to a tour of the facilities and businesses in Production Park, getting a very personal insight into what goes on in a daily basis , plus an overview of what’s to come and how Production Park plans to expand.  Obviously we can’t tell you everything that was on the tour, because it's top secret!!…but all we can say it’s an amazing place and we are very proud to have this family run business in our diverse district.

First Fridays will continue to be delivered this year up till December, with next year’s programme starting in February 2017.

How will we top this one?.....was a re occurring question on the day, the answer to that is simple…  Stay tuned and see what comes up over the next year… business week 2017 will be around the corner before you know it and the Bondholders will be heavily involved. So if you attended and enjoyed Friday’s event…or you wish you had….watch this space!

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