Have you got a textile industry related project in the pipeline?

09 September 2016

The Textiles Growth Programme is a £97M initiative, backed by £19.5M from the Regional Growth Fund (RGF), which aims to support the national revival in textiles. The sector is demonstrating significant domestic growth, export and job generation potential.

Covering capital grants, training and R&D, projects eligible for funding vary hugely across this diverse industry, including Manufacture of workwear, outerwear (including handicraft tailoring), land and building acquisition,  or Machinery,  ICT  equipment,  software  to  support  R&D, as well as new  or  improved  equipment and associated training to support the development or introduction of new products and core services.

Don’t miss out as all projects under this scheme have to be completed and paid for by May 2017.

Have you got a project you think would be eligible? Contact our dedicated business advisor on 01924 306003 or email now for free advice on your eligibility and free hands on support to make your application.