Can you support your staff and help prevent Domestic Abuse?

01 September 2016

Domestic Abuse is a key priority for Wakefield Council and its Partners. Our aim is to prevent domestic abuse from occurring in the first place but equally where people do fall victim we want to protect and support them and ensure their needs are met.

Wakefield district is also a White Ribbon Council supporting the aims of the White Ribbon Campaign: never to commit, condone or remain silent about domestic abuse.

We are keen to work with our businesses, and want to help you raise awareness of domestic abuse by providing information to your staff of where to get help, this is  vitally important to help and support those in need.

Our key objectives are: 

·                  Raise awareness of domestic abuse and where to get help and support

·                  Raise awareness of domestic abuse within the workforce

·                  Share and offer guidance for supporting the workforce

·                  Encourage businesses to sign the White Ribbon Pledge take action to prevent violence                          against women and girls (and men)

If you are in doubt about whether you can help as an employer….take a moment to read a few key stats on domestic abuse:

Every aspect of a person’s life can be affected by abuse; it can affect them at home, at work and within their community.  An estimated 75% of domestic abuse victims are targeted at work.  People who have left an abusive partner can be especially vulnerable at work as the abuser is likely to know where they will be and possibly the times they will be travelling to and from work.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic abuse at some point in their life time, this means that you may at some point be involved in managing someone, or working with someone, that has experienced or is experiencing domestic abuse, as well as those who are perpetrators of abuse.

If you would like us to come and speak to your staff, please don’t hesitate, give us a call now….it could mean more than you will ever know to someone you employ.

Contact Sally Fawcett, Domestic Abuse Coordinator at Wakefield Council

01924 306363 or 07733012625