Wembley Stadium uses Proton’s Guardian for cleaning its beer lines

06 July 2016

Wakefield based manufacturer Proton Group has been delighted to collaborate with Daniel Clark, Director of Catering Services for DNC the primary catering contractor at Wembley stadium in the use of Proton’s Guardian specialist cleaning for its beer lines.

After each event at Wembley stadium the beer lines must be cleaned and then left filled with water until the next time the lines are needed. In order for this process to be as efficient as possible it was imperative for Proton Group to find an effective solution which would keep the lines sterile and ensure that the customers always receive the best tasting drinks.

Wembley is a very busy stadium but Proton Group was able to find prime gaps in their schedule and decided that Guardian was the best product to ensure that there were no flavour taints and sterilise any bacterial infection which can contaminate the whole system, whilst keeping in mind the safety of the customer, which is paramount.

Daniel commented;

“At Wembley we were recommended Guardian in a powdered form via Carlsberg after we had an issue with leaving just water in the lines (due to the longer break times between events). This product showed a massive improvement on the quality of the clean and then the pull through.

“We then did some improvements to the dispense systems at the stadium and improved the cleaning systems used as well. This is when I asked the question to Carlsberg regarding the liquid form of the guardian product to fit to our system. This has helps us improve the time taken to complete the task and the quality and upkeep of the lines for use. I would recommend the use of the product (liquid or powder) in any line cleaning procedure.”