Brewing Business Engineers Its Own Future

04 May 2016

Yorkshire is celebrated for its craft beer movement, presenting a multitude of breweries that create some of the finest ales enjoyed across the UK. 

Leeds City Region is no exception, with MD Engineering Solutions playing its part to help breweries large and small to prepare themselves for a bustling, ever-evolving and highly profitable market.

Steady business growth and swelling demand has resulted in the independent company requiring larger premises. The addition of an incorporated office and workshop assembly area means that all aspects of daily operations can take place on a single site, further aiding productivity and communications.

MD Engineering Solutions provides canning machines, pressure vessels, vacuum tanks and keg washing equipment, all designed, assembled, tested and demonstrated to customers on site, so this development presents a significant milestone. Due to the highly technical nature of brewing and distilling equipment, plans and installations need to be tweaked to the finest detail in order to ensure quality and consistency of product, as well as safety of operation.

MD Engineering Solutions is run by exceptionally skilled and experienced specialists, headed by Director Matthew Horsey, an Engineer with a real passion for beer with integrity. Matthew said:

“Our team equips breweries with top quality machinery made right here in Castleford. We also provide bespoke design and modelling, project management, consultation, feasibility studies and breakdown repairs, so whatever a brewer needs, we can offer a tailored and cost-effective approach.”

MD Engineering Solutions is now based at Unit B11 at Whitwood Enterprise Park in Castleford (WF10 5PX), which is just off the M62 and conveniently placed between the A1 and M1 corridors. This puts the company in a prime location, as brewers from across the UK regularly visit the site to see how the expertly designed technology can take their production to the next level. Matthew added:

“Wherever you are in the UK, there’s a good chance that your local pub is serving a proper pint that wouldn’t be possible without a bit of Yorkshire engineering.”