De Lacy Academy Embraces Apprenticeships

09 March 2016

De Lacy Academy is a mixed secondary school and sixth form in the City of Wakefield. The academy is ranked third of DfE League tables and have a 100% pass rate in A-Level and BTEC qualifications. The Academy’s career approach is to provide as many opportunities as possible to students following on from school and sixth form. The academy actively promotes a diverse range of external training providers and influential people to ensure the careers advice is as impartial as possible.

A training provider, Interserve Learning and Employment, are providing fully funded, impartial Information, Advice and Guidance services across the UK to reach 55,000 young people. This is to increase awareness of Traineeship and Apprenticeship routes available to 14 – 18 year olds.  The IAG services provided to De Lacy Academy include year 10 and year 11 assemblies, registration workshops and CV workshops, hosted by Apprenticeship Adviser, JoAnne Woolsey, who provides expert Apprenticeship Advice in the North East region (pictured right).

Each month Interserve Learning and Employment host a monthly iPad Mini give away whereby every learner who has registered their interest in an Apprenticeship has the opportunity to sign up and win an IPad mini. January’s iPad mini draw had an outstanding six-hundred and twenty-five entrants with the most sign ups yet. The winner is a Year 11 student from De Lacy Academy, Tyne Connelly. Tyne received the iPad mini in an assembly (see right). Tyne currently studies Art and Catering and is actively looking for an Apprenticeship in health and social care. Tyne felt the information given about Apprenticeships was really useful and frequently visits the website for more information. Tyne felt the services provided by Interserve Learning and Employment have made her realise how many options there are out there.

Mr Williamson, Head of Careers, has said the IAG contract has had a;

“positive spin on a daunting next phase of the students’ lives.”

As well, the Apprenticeship advice has enabled students to think about their future realistically, and focus on the job roles they would like to go in to. The school has said the relationship with Interserve Learning and Employment has been very positive for both students and the academy. The academy hopes to provide more information about Apprenticeships for year groups in the coming years as a result. Having an iPad mini winner in the academy has been fantastic and given a massive incentive to the whole year 11 group to register their interest in an Apprenticeship.

For more information please contact or visit them at:

Left to right: Tyne Connelly (iPad mini winner), JoAnne Woolsey (Apprenticeship Adviser)