Over 1,000 hygrometers provided to WDH tenants

18 February 2016

More than 1,000 hygrometers have been handed out by WDH as part of the landlord’s proactive work to help its tenants identify and manage damp and condensation in their own homes.

WDH received 1,085 complaints relating to damp and condensation between September 2014 and January 2015, but this figure has reduced to 285 in the same period over 2015/16. This was achieved after handing out hygrometers and condensation advice as part of a new three-stage damp process to help resolve issues more quickly and improve tenants lives.  Hygrometers monitor the humidity and temperature in areas or rooms and identify where it might be too high and the changes that may need to be made.

Brian Green, Senior Repairs Team Leader for WDH said:

“We’re responsible for repairing and maintaining over 31,000 homes, and the hygrometers are one way to help people identify possible condensation issues and then make proactive changes for the better. As a tool they can really help some people experiencing condensation problems to manage them more effectively. ”

“We’ve also handed out leaflets to help people understand the difference between condensation and damp, and how they can avoid it. Small lifestyle changes such as not hanging wet washing inside, opening windows while showering and keeping your home well ventilated can all help reduce the risk of condensation developing.”

WDH will be launching a series of online self-help repairs films in the coming months to help tenants with other small issues around their homes.