The Wonder of Wakefield

18 December 2015

The Wakefield City Centre Partnership (WCCP) has created The Wonder of Wakefield brand to highlight and celebrate the wonderful things happening in Wakefield city centre this Christmas. This covers retail, arts, dining, leisure and the evening economy and provides Wakefield city centre with an identity which can be used beyond Christmas 2015. By working across all of these different sectors, Wakefield is being marketed as a complete Christmas destination, which has lots to offer to visitors of all ages.      

Still available in locations across Wakefield and the five towns, including the Ridings Centre, 25,000 printed copies of The Wonder of Wakefield guide have been printed for use across the city centre. This pocket-sized booklet will contain important information on city centre event dates and parking promos etc. plus lots of special offers from a range of retailers including Pizza Express, Peter Jones, The Grill Pit, JD Wetherspoon, Unity Works, Iris, The Hepworth and many more. 

Retailers across the city have worked very hard hard to produce exclusive Wonder of Wakefield products which can’t be found anywhere else. This allows people to taste and experience the brand first hand, whilst shining a spotlight on some of our wonderful retailers.

The wonders created especially for the trail include:
 - A milkshake from Grind
 - A beer from JD Wetherspoon (The Six Chimneys)
 - A dessert from Iris
 - A gin cocktail from Hogarths
 - A truffle from Feathers Confectionery
 - A twist on a pulled pork flatbread from Grill Pit
 - A fizz cocktail from The Treehouse
 - A cake from Deli Central
 - A handmade bauble from Created in Yorkshire
 - A brownie from Create Café
- A chutney and a marmalade from Created in Yorkshire
- A special hot chocolate from Esquires Coffee House
- A festive latte from The Hepworth Café 
   Why not follow the trail for yourself and see what delights you can find!  

Like the Facebook page The Wonder of Wakefield and follow the WCCP on Twitter. You can then use the hashtag #WOW to share all the wonderful things you see and do in Wakefield this Christmas, whether you spot something amazing or have special Christmas products and promotions.

We hope you enjoy The Wonder of Wakefield, here's to a successful and profitable Christmas 2015 - Merry Christmas!