BizEd Connected Delivers Positivity and Collaboration

17 December 2015

Wakefield First, Wakefield College, Inspiring Skills and Copiserv came together on 15th December at the College’s Thornes Park Campus to host a day of workshops, speakers, exhibitors and networking for both schools and businesses.

With close to 150 attendees throughout the day the event proved a massive success for all those involved and paved the way for further events that will continue to develop these relationships.

Over 30 local businesses and organisations took part in the exhibition covering a range of dfferent sectors and all were able to make great connections with conference attendees and each other!

With the additional support of Printforms, iCO Event Services and Engaging Education the event was provided with some excellent marketing material, AV equipment and video interviews and recordings of some of the great activities held througout the day.

There has already been a tremendous amount of positive feedback from those who attended and exhibited.

With a very striking stand of their own Chris Elliott, from Northern Media said;

“The event proved to be very valuable for us as we made new connections that we hope we can develop in the future. I am sure that the other businesses exhibiting and the local educational sector felt the same and hopefully this will be the start of a strong relationship between Wakefield based schools and colleges and the region’s employers.”

With 12 different workshops and speakers running throughout the day including live 3D printer demonstrations, attendees were spoilt for choice. Covering topics from connecting schools and businesses, apprenticeships and readiness for work, the day got everyone learning, talking and discussing how as Adrian Brooks from Backstage Academy put it we can utilise; 'Our Greatest Natural Asset,' young people. 

Janet Sharkey from Kettlethorpe School said:

"This was an excellent event; full of buzz and lively conversations with great opportunities to meet and liaise with employers and other schools. [I have] already secured positive contacts who would like to support our careers/work experience curriculum at school. Workshops were also very useful and informative with high calibre presentations and interaction with participants."

Businesses have often said that they struggle to make connections with local schools and the event has helped to build relationships which we think and hope will be to the benefit of both.

Feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive with many participants now looking to next year where the possibility of similar events and collaboration has definitely been boosted by the success of BizEd Connected.

If you want to get in touch and find out how you can make and improve links between business and schools then please contact or contact Inspiring Skills