Wakefield Apprenticeship Hub…Probably the best Apprenticeship Hub in the world

28 October 2015

Wakefield Apprenticeship Hub has exceeded their target to create 300 apprenticeships at the end of the summer, making them the first Apprenticeship Hub in the region to achieve all of their targets. Wakefield Apprenticeship Hub, which is part of the Leeds City Region Hub Programme provides a free service to businesses who want to provide development and guarantee work experience for young people across Wakefield District.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels the Hub has committed to creating an additional 100 apprenticeships by March 2016. With 470 businesses already engaged, the Hub still want to increase the number of local businesses supported.

Lee Carnley from Vickers Carnley, a Wakefield based commercial estate agent who were the Hubs 300th apprenticeship employer, explained why they decided to take on an apprentice:

“I began my career as a 17 year old straight from school and always felt that this was an excellent way into a profession and because of this I wanted to give somebody else the opportunity that I had.  In addition, as a growing business I feel future growth is important and this is one way that I can ensure the future of my business by offering on the job training specifically tailored to my requirements.”

William Kaye who decided an apprenticeship was the best way for him to progress his skills and career said;

“I chose an apprentice as I felt that both 6th form and the college route were not right for me and I always favoured on the job training which is exactly what I’m getting here at Vickers Carnley and being paid for it!  I am enjoying learning new things every day and I have surprised myself with how much I have already learnt.”

Focusing on addressing future skills gap the Hub is keen to promote the value of advanced apprenticeships.  These schemes provide much needed high level skills across sectors including accountancy, engineering and IT, and give young people a viable route into Higher and Further education. Starting at the equivalent to 2 good A levels, apprenticeships can lead to qualifications as high as a masters degree.

Could YOUR business be the next one to receive an 100% FREE service that will not only support your business in preparing the candidates but will find the right training provision so you can identify the right person for the job?

With a proactive attitude to continuous engagement, once an apprentice is in place the Hub will provide ongoing support, and can help you access additional funding including the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Skills Service who can save you up to 50% of the cost of training and coaching packages.

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