Get Your Grant Before the Funding Runs Out

21 August 2015

Almost 5,000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across Yorkshire and the East Riding have now secured vouchers worth over £8m from the Government’s SuperConnected Cities scheme, which received its latest £40m top up in April this year

The scheme, which awards ‘connection voucher’ grants of up to £3,000 to individual businesses to cover the costs of installing high speed broadband, is part of a nationwide programme to boost high-speed internet connectivity among small and medium-sized businesses and was launched in 2014. 

Yorkshire businesses have now claimed more grants from the SuperConnected Cities scheme than any other region outside London. Firms in the North West are the third biggest claimants, some 200 behind the combined total of Yorkshire’s cities. New projections predict that the entire £40m funding pot will be allocated by October 2015, so businesses may have just 8-12 weeks to secure their share of the Government support. 

“Being equipped with the fastest possible web connection is crucial to business growth. Businesses are already reaping the rewards of upgrading their internet connectivity. They’ve become more productive, more efficient, more profitable and have been able to create new jobs. It’s fantastic news that over 5,000 Yorkshire firms have taken this up to date, and that Yorkshire has seen the highest level of take-up outside of the capital” commented Mark Durham, Project Manager of the Connection Vouchers scheme in West and South Yorkshire.

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