Open Communications Picks Up Tasty Brief

17 August 2015

Open Communications, the straight talking PR and marketing communications agency, has been appointed by Calbee UK, the first European subsidiary of Calbee Inc, the £1.2bn Japanese savoury snack supplier, to provide the company with PR support to cover trade, consumer, corporate, social media and consumer engagement.

Following an initial chemistry meeting back in January the agency was chosen based on its previous results, industry experience and shared values.

Taking on a project to launch the company’s first brand, Yushoi Snapea rice sticks, Open recommended a strategic brand partnership with Louis Smith MBE, Olympic gymnast and winner of Strictly Come Dancing, to reinforce the better for you credentials of the product.

The agency also managed a media event which took place at Clapham Common attracting trade, consumer and national media.

With an ongoing brief Open will continue to work alongside the growing team of Calbee UK colleagues to share business success and raise the profile of the company and its brands to a mass audience.

Director of Open Communications, Lindsey Davies said:

“We are so pleased to be working alongside a brand that has the same values as we do. It is really important to us that we support likeminded businesses so that we can be in a position to do the very best job possible and deliver excellent results.

She adds: “Calbee UK is another great brand to add to our list of clients and we are absolutely committed to working with them to meet with their objective of being one of the most respected snack brands in the UK.”

Calbee UK Marketing Director, David Wilson said:

“We were aware of Open Communications and had noticed their results for other clients they work with. The recommendations they have brought to us from day one, focusing on creativity but also objectives, have been exactly what we were looking for.

He adds: “We look forward to working with them to meet with our mission and know that we are in capable hands as far as our PR and marketing communications are concerned.”

The agency launched in 2008 and has since grown to a team of five with a further imminent appointment of an Account Manager as a result of a current recruitment campaign. With clients including HARIBO, MAOAM, Astonish, Mailway Packaging, Xamax, Paragon, PTS and Calbee UK the agency works with smaller brands and household names.