Optalysys could shape the future of computing technology thanks to LEP grant

06 August 2015

A £68,000 grant from The LEP has been instrumental in the creation of a revolutionary prototype being developed by optical technology business, Optalysys. 

Pioneering research

The money has allowed Pontefract based Optalysys to carry out ground breaking research to create a radical computing processor prototype that will revolutionise ‘Big Data’ processing technology.

Dr Nick New, CEO at Optalysys, said there are currently ‘Big Data’ issues within areas of science and engineering where it is becoming increasingly common for traditional high performance computing methods to fall short of delivering the processing power required, particularly within weather forecasting, MRI data analysis and quantum computing.

The Optalysys ‘Big Data’ product – launching in 2017 - could provide a solution to this, as it uses light instead of electricity to deliver the larger amounts of processing power.

Developing international partnerships

The business has already established links with several international institutions including NASA and British Aerospace.

Dr New said:

The development of the prototype has been a key focus for the business and its success will launch it to the forefront of the computer processing, as it will be the first technology of its kind.”

LEP grant helps realise potential

Dr New added:

“As a business which is currently conducting vast amounts of expensive research, we are reliant on funding to support and develop our concept. The grant was a crucial boost that has allowed us to reach the next stage of research; without it we couldn’t have advanced with our studies.

Everyone who works here is eager to reach a pivotal point in optical information processing, a technology that has been evolving since 1859, but require vital funds like the grant support on offer from the LEP in order to achieve this.”