15 January 2020

Yes Waste will be celebrating their 10th birthday on 01/02/2020.

Yes Waste is an on demand waste collection business taking everything from single items of furniture right through to completing factory clearance or office strip out.

The company began life at Bizspace Business Park just off Denby Dale Road.

Company Director and founder James Scarlett recalls; “I remember getting the keys and thinking, I don’t even have a van!”

Originally most of the customer base was domestic and we only covered West and South Yorkshire.

“At first it was difficult. I might only get 1 job all day. It might just be an arm chair and I’d literally be rummaging around under the cushions looking for discarded coins. The other big problem was the van itself. It was always breaking down. Eventually in February 2012 the engine blew up on the M1 just South of Leeds…it was snowing, dark and I remember looking at it and thinking maybe this is as far as we go.”

Fortunately James was able to sell the van on despite it being a non runner and use the money to contribute towards a deposit on a new van.

“We hired a van for a while and eventually a new van arrived in April. Literally as soon as it arrived things really began to take off for us.”

Yes Waste expanded the area it covered and also added new services like hard drive destruction.

By 2014 a second van was added and extra staff hired.

In 2016 the company moved across Denby Dale Road to Monckton Road Industrial Estate. The move was successful and a third vehicle was purchased in 2017. This year the company also rebranded from blue and white and to yellow and black.

“By this point the market for credible, licensed and insured waste carriers had become saturated. When I initially started there was a couple of local firms but by 2017 there was several local companies plus nationwide rivals. We needed to do a rebrand and try to stand out from the crowd. Our vans are all wrapped in yellow which is expensive but does make them noticeable. All our staff are given uniforms and they also have company phones. We again expanded our services to office strip outs which proved both very popular and stress inducing.”

By 2019 the company was on the move again. Yes Waste purchased a much larger site across the road. Turnover for the calendar year increased 40% and an additional vehicle was purchased taking the fleet total to 4.

“The site we have bought has warehouse space, a yard and offices. The offices are being refurbished at the moment so we are currently renting an office back at Bizspace literally round the corner from the original site. Hopefully we will be in the new offices by the end of February.”

And what for the future?

“Our core services are busier than ever but 2020 and the future is focused on trade waste bins. We hope to get our operators licence soon, get a bin wagon on the road, some yellow bins and hopefully another 10 years!”