05 November 2019

ACOUSTIC control specialists working on three new UK power stations have turned to the industry leaders in bespoke glazing solutions to provide vision panels for their noise absorbing enclosures.

The industry reputation of ICW (UK) Ltd is such that they were the first port of call for Paul Dresser, Operations Manager for Cambridge based Acoustic Control Engineers Ltd, specialists in solutions to limit industrial noise and sound related nuisance, when they were commissioned to design and install noise reducing solutions for three new power stations situated in Barry, South Wales, Hull and Boston in Lincolnshire.

“ICW are known within the industry for the glazing panels for use in the type of enclosures that we do,” explained Paul. “In the case of the power stations, the enclosures are being built around live equipment. It’s useful if people are able to see what’s happening inside the enclosure without actually having to enter it so we’ve built interior lighting and a vision panel into the design.”

The enclosures are made of two layers of acoustic material with a 100mm gap in between to help absorb noise. This meant the glazed units which are being fitted in the doors to the enclosures also needed a larger than average gap of around 95mm between two panes of 6mm toughened glass. While the majority of the sound proofing is provided by the enclosure itself, ICW (UK) Ltd, specialists in the manufacture and supply of bespoke windows and glazing solutions, also designed the 300mm by 300mm windows to minimise escaping noise.

“The project is being rolled out in three phases and we’re about two-thirds of the way through. Some 100 viewing panels have been installed so far with another 20-30 to come,” said Paul who worked directly with Wakefield based ICW’s MD Stephen Chapman on the technical details and drawings for the custom manufactured glazed units.

“ICW’s windows come as a sleeved unit complete with a border. They are straightforward to fit, which saves time compared to other, slightly cheaper, options we looked at, and give a nice finish around the window. The panels arrive when ICW said they will and are well wrapped against potential damage – everything you’d expect for a good service and I’d definitely use them again.”

Stephen Chapman said: “All our windows are individually manufactured to order. This means we can custom make them to the specific needs of each customer whether that means varying in size, shape or providing secondary glazed units to provide improved acoustical properties.”