FSB - Learn how Brexit may affect your business

14 October 2019

Learn how Brexit may affect your business

The terms of the UK’s exit from the European Union remain unclear. Since the referendum in 2016, FSB has been steadfast in our position that we want a pro-business deal based on trade, talent and a transition period.

We will be doing everything we can, in the short time we have left, to secure this deal. Until a deal is struck, however, the risk of a no-deal on 31 October remains a very real possibility. This outcome would have a significant impact on many smaller businesses.

To help small firms and the self-employed to prepare for a no-deal scenario on 31 October 2019, FSB has created a no-deal information hub. This is now live and is designed to provide you with and signpost you to practical information to help you get ready.

From importing to exporting to services to data regulation, there is information that could be relevant to your business.

All of the information you find on the hub centres on information provided by the UK Government and the European Union.

In addition to the information hub, we have also recorded an informative webinar 'Brexit: What businesses need to know and how to prepare’. Use the links below to visit the hub and register for the on-demand webinar.

As you plan and prepare for this potential outcome, FSB is here for you.

Mike Cherry OBE
FSB National Chairman