Funding for IT and Skills Support to be Brexit ready!

09 September 2019

Funding for IT and Skills Support to be Brexit ready!

The government has announced new grant funding worth £16m towards helping businesses train staff in making customs declarations and to help businesses that support others to trade goods to invest in IT. This funding follows the Chancellor’s £2.1bn cash injection into government departments last month to prepare for a no deal Brexit, doubling the funding put towards Brexit preparations this year.

It was announced last month that £344m has been put towards border and customs operations, including the hiring of more border officers and the improving of transport infrastructure around ports. 3,000 customs agents have already been trained as part of an £8m investment earlier in the year, which also went towards the development of new online learning products for training Customs staff, including the new UK Customs Academy which was launched on 12 August.

For more information on the grant fudning visit here.

Or alternatively find out if your business is border ready here!

InterTradeIreland's Start to Plan vouchers, which provide up to €2,250 for SMEs to source professional advice/training to prepare for Brexit. Businesses can also avail of financial support up to €5,625 through the Brexit Implementation Voucher.