CBI Recommendations for Businesses

13 August 2019

CBI Recommendations for Businesses


1. Immediately resume no deal preparations

·         Businesses in Wakefield should either restart preparations or begin; there will be costs, diversions of resource from current work and difficulty of time, logistics and uncertainty.

·         Businesses will need to consider the time available to prepare for another ‘no - deal’ deadline in October and should consider focussing on the fundamentals rather than every detail.

·         Many of the biggest risks come from conflicting and unclear messaging, leading to EU companies ‘playing it safe’ by avoiding doing business with the UK. For companies in Wakefield who deal with EU firms, suppliers and customers it is imperative to have messaging ready for a no-deal situation detailing pans to mitigate EU  stakeholders concerns.

·         CBI members can access MyCBI, the member portal, for all the directions they need to begin. Any business can contact the CBI’s Brexit helpdesk at to request further information.


2. By the start of September, if resource allows, have made plans to communicate additional needs for mitigations to the UK and the EU governments

·         Trade Associations and business organisations can be helpful to companies here, particularly those that operate on a pan-European basis and can support firms that have similar concerns to work together to achieve their aims.


3. By the middle of October, have agreed and reinforced communication routes into government

·         The CBI has established a crisis communications framework in preparation for no deal, and committed staff to the helpdesk:

·          Wakefield business, whether a member of the CBI or Trade Association or neither, will be able to contact this helpdesk to access information in the event of no deal.

·         This will also be an activity that Wakefield Council can support via its ‘Leaving the EU group’.


4. If no deal occurs, prioritise people

·         If no deal occurs, Wakefield business’ internal company communications processes should be geared towards reaching out and reassuring EU citizen employees. It will be important to have communications prepared and signed off in advance of no deal occurring, in order to be ready to send very quickly to this audience.