Entrepreneur looking for talent!

06 June 2019

Entrepreneur looking for talent!

WAKEFIELD entrepreneur, Margaret Wood MBE, is to lead judging of the prestigious Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) Innovation Awards and is urging Yorkshire manufacturers to apply.

The founder of niche industrial window company ICW (UK) Ltd, Mrs Wood will chair the Manufacturing Technology category which in previous years has attracted entries from around the world all keen to showcase their innovations.

Mrs Wood is also a  non-executive director for the High Value Manufacturing Catapult  project which gives her unique insight into some of the innovative ideas that are being scaled up due to links between inventors and businesses operating at the forefront of technological innovation.

Also a member of the UK Government MADE Smarter panel which aims to create 1000s of new jobs and boost manufacturing through the integration of technology in the sector she is passionate about harnessing IT to boost growth and science.

“All my career I have been fascinated by germs of ideas that can make a real difference on society” she said.  “I realised very quickly that the best inventions were down to individuals with vision, who often failed to make them commercially viable because they lacked the financial backing necessary.

“The IET Innovation Awards allow anyone who has had a good idea developed a prototype and tested it to share their ideas with the idea world.  These awards have seen some groundbreaking ideas before they became more commercially available.  They need help scaling them up, which is what we see at the HVMCatapult.

“Still working in industry the IET judges can critically analyse submissions and provide positive feedback that inventors often crave.

“Having started a niche business in Wakefield that relies on the supply chain I understand the challenges that those with good ideas face, but I want them to seriously consider entering these awards as part of their scaling up process.  Exposure and peer review can form a valuable part of their marketing process,” she said.

Entries must be submitted by July 5 and the winners will be announced in November in London - for more info visit here.