Heathrow Business Summit Roadshow

06 March 2019

Heathrow Business Summit Roadshow

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are invited the Heathrow Business Summit 2019 roadshow, a series of events taking place across the UK. These events offer SMEs the opportunity to meet and trade face to face with Heathrow’s top suppliers, fulfilling their procurement requirements at the airport and across the UK.  Heathrow’s goal is to enable more and more UK SMEs to connect to new opportunities for growth locally, nationally and internationally.

Heathrow is putting SMEs at the heart of its plans to expansion and have committed to holding a Business Summit in every region and nation by 2025.

Get Involved

•             A great platform for SMEs to get a foot in the door and capitalise on the business opportunities available at Heathrow and across the UK

•             Promote your business to Heathrow's supply chain through face-to-face appointments on the day

•             Meet and network with other businesses visiting the event

All exhibitors actively support and guide businesses on how to connect and build trade relations into new supply chains. Register now for the chance to have 10-minute face-to-face appointments with Heathrow’s supply chain within your region and at the end of year flagship Summit at Heathrow.

-South West, Saltash, 20 March 2019

-East, Newmarket, 4 April 2019

-North East, Newcastle, 3 May 2019

-North West, Blackburn, 23 May 2019

-East Midlands, Nottingham, 14 June 2019

-Wales, Cardiff, 4 July 2019

-Northern Ireland, Belfast, 17 September 2019

-Scotland, Edinburgh, 10 October 2019

-Yorkshire and the Humber, York, 24 October 2019

-Midlands, Stoke on Trent, 7 November 2019

-Flagship, Heathrow Airport, 28 November 2019

Places are limited, so early booking is essential to guarantee your place. There are no registration fees to attend a Regional Business Summit, fees will apply for the flagship Business Summit. For full details visit here.