26 February 2019


Wakefield First are hosting their first quarterly Exporting event -this event is an opportunity to meet the experts who will be highlighting exporting opportunities & demystifying common misconceptions & mistakes.

Hear first-hand from national expert FSB

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) have found evidence that there is evidence that small businesses that export are more likely to survive, grow and innovate. FSB’s report  Destination Export showed that one in five small businesses already export but also a further one in five would like to start. This shows the need to not only help small businesses who already export but also the potential that exists to double the number of small business exporting.

In Yorkshire, FSB have a group to help small businesses either already trading internationally or wanting to start. We want to help businesses share knowledge and skills to help export more and increase the trade they can do across the globe.

This group helps connect small businesses to expert support, other businesses involved in international trade and other bodies dedicated to helping small businesses be successful.

We hold events and provide a forum for small businesses to get peer to peer support. We also work with the department of International Trade and Local Economic Partnerships to get the best possible environment to support small businesses involved in international trade.

If you would like to be kept informed about what we are doing please email

This event will provide you with the answers to frequently asked questions relating to exporting such as..

Where are your new markets?

-What are your routes to well-known markets?

This event will highlight key challanges local SME's face when developing export strategies as well as those at the very beginning of their exporting journey!

Other local & national experts involved...

-FSB (Fedaration of Small Businesses)

-Wakefield Council Business Support Team

-Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

-OE electrics

This FREE event is a real opportunity for those new to, looking to start in and/or those businesses looking to take their exporting to the next level!

If you are interested in this event & would like to attend book here.