PolyGlobal teams up with world leading research faculty

22 February 2019

PolyGlobal teams up with world leading research faculty

POLYURETHANE moulder, PolyGlobal has teamed up with the internationally renowned Polymer Research Centre at the University of Bradford to demonstrate the performance of a new range of materials.

With a heritage of manufacturing bespoke products for critical industries, including Construction & Offshore, PolyGlobal wanted to be able to give customers of its new Hyperpol range of high-performance polyurethanes detailed performance information, backed by the technical data provided by the University’s testing procedures.

Global exporter PolyGlobal has invested heavily in three versions of Hyperpol and will work closely with the University on a series of different tests designed to suit a diverse range of industry sectors. These will demonstrate that PolyGobal’s materials will successfully perform in various adverse environments and overcome varied environmental considerations such as temperature, humidity and chemical exposure.  

The evidence will then help PolyGlobal and its customers make more informed choices about material specification and performance parameters.  The company is keen that the new Hyperpol range will establish itself so effectively that it will become an industry standard in the near future.

Andy Young is Sales & Marketing Manager at the Wakefield firm.  He said: “Our moulded parts have always been utilised in tough operating environments with a variety of factors affecting their performance and suitability. This new data will allow us to work with our customers more effectively and help make better decisions on material choices.”

“Our customers know they can rely on us to provide reliable and effective parts, but we are constantly striving to improve our knowledge and capabilities.  This collaboration helps fulfil those ambitions. Further, by being able to support our offerings with independent University research separates us from our competitors and advances our position within the industry.” he added.

John Steele of Bradford University said: “The Polymer Engineering Industrial Research Centre at the University of Bradford is committed to developing a long term partnership with PolyGlobal in order to embed new technologies that will ultimately be transformative for the company both technically and commercially.”

Partly funded by the Leeds City Region LEP Access Innovation Fund, PolyGlobal have had to match fund the grant taking the total investment to £20,000, which will be spent over a six-month period.

“It is the first time we have invested in academic research and if successful, it could lead to further collaboration with Bradford University’s Polymer Research Centre and future internal technological investment.”