Zinc’s next mission...“to add 5 more years of high quality to later life”

08 February 2019

Zinc’s next mission...“to add 5 more years of high quality to later life”.

We are delighted to announce that Zinc’s next mission is “to add 5 more years of high quality to later life”.

Zinc are looking for 50 ambitious, creative and entrepreneurial individuals who want to build, from scratch, brand new commercial businesses which make a big difference to the quality of later life for millions of older people across the developed world. 

As in their previous programmes, Zinc are looking for a very diverse range of people, in terms of gender, age, nationality, ethnicity and skills. In this mission, we are recruiting clinicians, engineers, financial services experts, creative designers, researchers, serial entrepreneurs, product managers, NGO innovators, life scientists, care managers, creative content-makers and others with the passion, skills, experience and/or imagination to transform the quality of later life. 

Zinc's aim is to help these individuals build 15 or more new businesses by June next year. Our 9-month, full-time programme starts in September and is based in central London. 

Their proven programme offers: the opportunity to secure a Co-Founder; a stipend; intensive support from experts and partners; shared workspace for up to a year; access to funding; free services and resources. 

In the manifesto for their mission, Zinc have identified and explained 10 opportunity areas to improve the quality of later life. They include health, employment, personal finances, care, disability, loneliness, digital inclusion, and end-of-life care.  

Zinc would love to hear your feedback about the new mission and to involve you in the next programme. If you’d like to join it as an expert advisor, executive coach, partner organisation or investor, please get in touch through the Join Us page, or come and chat at one of the weekly Meet and Greets.