You spin me right round …. Castleford Modern Manufacturer continues to turn the tables globally

23 November 2018

You spin me right round ….

Castleford Modern Manufacturer continues to turn the tables globally

Really useful products Ltd have Plastic Box manufacturing facilities in both Normanton and Castleford are continuing to integrate Modern advanced manufacturing within the company. The business is supported by their 300 strong workforce. Upskilling the workforce for the future is a continuous theme within the business after upgrading manufacturing to state of the art production equipment to supply the leading retailers like Asda, Morrison's, Tesco and Amazon to name but a few.

Not only does each machine minimise production time to but also contributes to lowering the company's carbon footprint by minimising the cycle time from plastic pellet to plastic box.

A lesser known fact is that really useful products are World Leaders in LP record Storage which is the fastest growing segment of the music Industry. These Boxes are used extensively by musicians, record labels, disc Jockeys and your average music lover with a Vinyl collection.

The Boxes are shipped all around the world and are sold by the Container store in USA which can be considered the greatest Storage Retail Company in the world. So far this year Really Useful products have exhibited at music events in London, Utrecht, Paris and Barcelona. The inspiration for this product came from our founder who had Vinyl album but no way to store them. Which goes to prove the old adage of- necessity is the mother of invention.

Cllr Peter Box CBE, Leader of Wakefield Council, said: “Congratulations to Really Useful Products for making their company a success regionally, nationally and globally.

“We are very proud to see this innovative businesses doing well and supporting the growth of the local economy by creating job opportunities for hundreds of people in our district".

For further information on really useful products visit here.

*Images from The Really Useful Box Company*

*Written by Kelly Galvin*